Monday, April 2, 2012

The blasted Kodiak...

     Well I have been pulled aside again because of the Kodiak.  You know that quad is just a pain in my rear.  Well lets get some background here first.  I am dealing with a 2001 YMF400 Kodiak quad, and it has been just a problem child.   It was running fine and then one day it would just not start.  That is why it got dropped off to me.  So I started looking into it, and first thing is first.  No spark, well that can be pretty bad with these more modern quads.  So I started testing components, first the coil was way way out of spec and basically shorted out so that got changed.

     We still had no spark after that, so I tested everything else and it was all with in spec.  Well with some of these machines that means a hill of beans ya know.  So I changed out the CDI unit because that is what the trouble tree in the factory service manual said to do.  STILL no spark.  By now I am getting cranky, so I stripped it down to nothing and checked every wire in the harness.  Things tested well, so on a lark I hit the magic button and the blasted thing started.

     I warmed it up a bit and suddenly out of the blue, it dies.  So I check the stator and the pick up coil.  Out of spec, but to be sure I let it cool down and things were within spec again.  And she fired right up.  But this time with AC voltage going to the battery.  Oh joy, the can of worms.   So I tore into the side case to get things ripped out, and to check the woodruff key since those have been known to shear.

      Really have to dig in there to get at the blasted stator and pick up coil huh.

 It did clean up nice and all, and I did a nice job of re wrapping the wiring loom.

     And there is all the parts replaced so far.  The Stator with the pick up coil, the CDI unit and the Rectifier.  I do hope this gets the blasted thing going.  I will know here soon, waiting on some seals.  You guys will know when it is running, there will be a sudden post, with pictures of me riding it the way it should be.  Hard and dirty!   Then I will send it back to it's owner after I see if my mom can ride it.  More on that latter....

     See you all next Monday.

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