Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh boy, we are starting to mock things up!

     Monday again, and things have been coming togther pretty quickly.  Jason saw the tank and was ready to rock and roll with things to get the pot belly mocked up.  So well I left him the tank and a few days latter he called me up and said.  'You just have to come see for yourself'.  Well it was a few days latter since I was dealing with stuff on a Kodiak 400 (More on that thing latter).  Well I came down the hill and low and behold, look at what I saw!

     Things are starting to come together now.  She looks really good even with the coating of dust.  As you can see Jason has been working on polishing things up and getting a rear tire sourced and not to mention rims acquired and such.  The rear tire is a Kenda for one of those toy trailers, he happened to have a spare and since it was a 4.80/4.00 -8 we were like what the hell.  It is a nice big fatty to give it a nice stance.  Traction, well I guess we will see on that.

     I was going to strip and then paint the tank badges back to original colors, red, white and black.  But when I was stripping them down, I decided just to polish them up and paint the wing openings black.  I think it gives it a bit more class than the stock badges. 

     The seat is just set on there for now, we have no idea how we are going to mount it yet, we also have not decided what to run as a front tire.  I am leaning to something scooterish.  Jason is leaning more fat street bike front tire.  So that is still up in the air.  And notice, we are still short a engine.  We have been bantering back and forth about what to run.  I was leaning to the stock 50cc engine, or perhaps a 70cc out of a CT70.  He wants something much much larger.  Hate to keep you all in suspense, but we dun know what direction to go!

     So many things left to do, so many questions about parts and what to use.  Time will tell and see you all next Monday.

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