Monday, March 12, 2012

The tank, the tank!

     Well with all that has been going on around here, I do hope you do not mind some filler once in a while.  But in this weeks post we are back to the pot belly pig, namely the tank this time.  As Jason was polishing parts, prepping some bars, and doing some general fabrication things.   I went to town on the tank.  Since I was smart and let the primer set up for a few days, I gave it a nice guide coat and began to block it down with some nice wet 400.

     Now I am not a perfect body man, but I am decent when it comes to doing such things.  I mean my second job was working as mechanic in a body shop back in the early 90's and I did learn allot.  But on to the tank, a good blocking down and some tack cloth and extra liquid courage.  I did it.  4 coats of color, and 5 coats of clear.  Now I did have a fish eye pop out at me, but it is not that bad.  The main thing is.. it looks like this....

     I think it came out quite nice.  I am not sure if I am going to have to color sand and buff it, since I am not really seeing any orange peel.  But I might latter on down the road once we are at the final assembly stage.  We are getting close to mocking her up now, I can't wait.   But enough for today, more next week when good things begin to come together.

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