Monday, March 5, 2012

Filler, and sceenery...

     Today is filler day here on the Benton bike blog.  Figure I would post some nice pictures of the back yard, and then what happens when I go to these places often times.   First off, I was on the Suzuki SP-500 this time.  A older vintage duel sport bike that does rather well rock crawling considering the antiquated suspension and the lovely oil leaks.

     As you can see, she is no spring chicken.  But she is one hell of a mountain goat to say the least.  She has taken me many places in the back country to get views like this!

That is taken from the tree line at the start of the whites.   The next one is taken back in the whites a ways, but not up that high.  Figure 7000, to 7300 ft elevation.

     Of course getting to places like that, is a bit rough on the body.  Not to mention the bike.  Needless to say over the rocks I did have a bit of a issue when I was going down the trail.

     Well lets just say tires are not cheap, so I had to drop 108 on a new tire and tube for the old goat so that I can continue going places.  Not a bad deal, and it is even a Dunlop.

     To say she is a trencher is a understatement.  Nothing like new boots ya know? She is much more stable over the rocks than with the old rubber, it is like night and day.  Now I suppose it is time to do something bout the old worn out suspension.   We will get to that in some other post.  Enjoy the views folks.

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